Who We Are

It was in 1894 that Surat had it's first Consultant, a Gynaecologist named Lady Dr.Rukmabai, who joined SMV Hospital and had done MD from Glasgow, U.K. However, it was in the late forties of the twentieth century that we had the first clinical meeting of the consultants at Maskati Charitable Hospital at the instance of the late Dr. K. N. Dixit. They used to meet regularly every month to discuss their medical problems and after the meeting, they used to go to the home of one of the members who hosted a dinner for all of them. The clinical meeting had it's own charm because of strong difference of opinion but used to end well in the interest of the patient.

Earlier attempts to make this clinical association an official one met with a substantial opposition. However in the late sixties, that the present Surat Medical Consultant's Association was formed due to the pioneering efforts of Dr. R. N. Dixit, Dr. Y. M. Subedar, Dr. R. K. Shelat, Dr. H. B. Bhatt and Dr. N. T. Mascati.

What happened after its formation is known to most of us. From small clinical meetings regularly held and well attended, we have now grown into a huge banyan tree encompassing members from all possible medical specialities and we now look after many newer aspects of our profession besides clinical problems. A few of us who are still with the association and have been a link with the old stalwarts and the new entrants will wither away soon leaving behind the legacy of this great association in your safe hands.